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In a groundbreaking move, La Shawn K. Ford, a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives, kickstarted the legislative year in January 2023 by introducing the Compassionate Use and Research of Entheogens Act, or CURE Act. 

This bill would legalize ‘magic mushrooms for medical purposes in Illinois is the first of its kind in Illinois and holds the potential to reshape the state’s approach to psychedelic substances.

Illinois became the third state to legalize magic mushrooms for mental health. Buy magic mushrooms for sale Illinois. On Friday announced that psychedelic substances MDMA and psilocybin — more commonly known as ecstasy and magic mushrooms — will soon be used in the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress.

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While magic mushrooms offer profound experiences, they should be approached with respect and caution. We advocate for responsible use and provide comprehensive resources on harm reduction, dosage guidelines, and integration support to ensure a safe and fulfilling journey for all our customers.


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One of the primary advantages of buying legal mushrooms online in Illinois Chicago is the unparalleled accessibility and convenience it offers. With just a few clicks, buyers can browse through a wide selection of products and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

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Magic mushrooms (also known as shrooms or mushrooms) are a type of mushroom that contains a chemical called psilocybin or psilocin, the main hallucinogen in magic mushrooms

The main magic mushroom currently used in most parts of the world is Psilocybe cubensis mushroom which is a type of magic mushroom that mainly includes psilocin and psilocybins.

Below is a list of some common magic mushrooms found here in our online store. buy magic mushrooms online chicago.

-Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, African Transkei , Albino Penis Envy , Amazonian Cubensis , Avalanche, B+ -Beanie Meanie , Blue Meanie , Brazil Cubensis , Costa Rica Cubensis , Daddy Long Legs , Gold Teacher, Locks , Mexico Cubensis , Treasure Beach , Wollongong

Illinois’s shroom specialists work with magic mushroom farmers to ensure the company’s shrooms are grown to exacting health standards. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced illinois mushroom store will give you instructions to customize your high. Its products are guaranteed to be safe, innovative and effective.

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What Are Magic Mushrooms 

Magic mushrooms (also called psychedelic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms) are a type of mushroom that contains the drugs psilocybin or psilocin. These drugs cause hallucinations. Psilocybin powder can also come in capsule form. You can eat mushrooms in fresh or dried form. Powdered psilocybin mushrooms can be snorted or injected. Mushrooms can also be in capsules forms or mushrooms edibles. Some magic mushrooms that look like psilocybin mushrooms are poisonous. If you eat a poisonous mushroom, you could damage your liver or even die. It is against the law to grow, sell, or carry mushrooms. If you get caught, you could be fined or even go to jail. Buy magic mushrooms Online Shipping all States from  the best, safest and Legal mushrooms shops  with discreet delivery to your home address from Illinois  in Bulk .shop now

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Where to buy dried mushrooms online in Illinois: You Must be over 21 years old to buy dried wild and cultivated mushrooms, mushroom mix packages, and powders for sale online. You will find our exotic and super-exotic mushroom selection especially delightful. Mushrooms for sale online, we are an integrated fresh/dry and best mushroom products company offering customers high quality mushrooms for sale online. Our product range includes fresh mushrooms, Magic Truffles, mushroom ediblesmicro-dosed and dried mushrooms for sale online and other tripping productsmagic mushrooms for sale. buy mushrooms Online Shipping Worldwide.


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In the bustling landscape of Illinois, a unique delicacy has been gaining traction among enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike: Mushroom Chocolate Bars For Sale Illinois. This fusion of earthy mushrooms and rich chocolate not only tantalizes the taste buds but also offers a myriad of health benefits. Let’s embark on a flavorful journey as we delve into the world of Mushroom Chocolate Bars and uncover where to find them, their health advantages, and more.

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Your package will be delivered professional sealed without any markings or any indications of the product. The therapeutic feeling of using magic mushrooms has given many a positive experience, even those who felt terrible at first. Micro doses of mushrooms have also been more popular since it’s giving people the right to get tiny effects of the shrooms without being high. If you ever run into any issues with our products we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide support.

Got everything for your trippy needs! Shroom Edibles, Dried Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybin Capsules, and more! Low prices, fast shipping! Buy Shrooms Online Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms, are a polyphyletic informal group of psilocybin-containing fungi that convert to psilocin when consumed Individuals use psilocybin as a recreational drug.

It can cause euphoria and distorted feelings that are common with LSD and other hallucinogens. The dried flowers themselves can be pounded, mixed with tobacco or hemp, crushed into powder and smoked Some people eat fresh psilocybe mushrooms.

Psilocybin is considered very low toxicity, and fatalities are extremely rare. There are several types of psilocybin mushrooms. In fact, there are strains of fungi that are toxic fungi, which can be deadly. Magic scales include Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, Blue Meanies and B+.

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Magic Mushrooms For Sale in Illinois

We are Illinois’s most famous magic mushroom factories. We have over 15 years of experience between our product team. We will always deliver the highest quality products to all American. We also provide customer support with every order. All emails will be answered within 24 hours. We are a leader in the magic mushroom industry and pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services.

How do I go about with microdosing?

Dr. Fadiman’s Approach (1 microdose every 3 days)

Dr. Fadiman recommends taking one microdose every 3 days to prevent changes of tolerance over time. Take 1 microdose pill (Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) each morning with breakfast on the indicated days below.

Week 1: Mon/Thu/Sun

Week 2: Wed/Sat

Week 3: Tues/Fri

Week 4: Mon/Thu/Sum

How much magic mushrooms should I take?

A: Dosage can vary from person to person. Here are a few ways to determine your dose as per The Third Wave(

Microdose (0.05-0.25g):

  • Non psychoactive
  • Mood enhancement
  • Decreased stress
  • Emotional stability
  • Mindfulness, presence and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Increased empathy and sociability
  • Conversational fluidity

Can I mix magic mushrooms with other drugs

NEVER mix magic mushrooms with other drugs, this includes alcohol and cannabis.

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I had my gf a nurse as a trip sitter to help me get those extra hauls in. And I was sent off, what an amazing experience. Vacuum sealed, looks great saving for a camping trip, fast delivery and excellent quality from the look of the bag.

Desmond Anthony

Worked better than expected, is what it says and works great! Takes the mess and fumbling out of breakthroughs. Thank you. I love your product. Hope to try everything eventually.

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If you’re considering doing this for a first time or even a first time in this way, I can’t think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm than with Illinois Mushroom Store.”

Daniel J.

This was my first experience buying magic mushroom products online, so I was skeptical. Especially when I could only pay with e-transfer. I found their website easy to use, efficient and am very happy with my products! They arrived quickly, and I liked that it was left in my locked mailbox – so I didn’t have to be home to receive it. Will definitely buy from them again.”

Lincoln Colman

Very good costumer experience from First of all, the informations about the different shrooms helped me to make the right choice as a beginner. That’s why I had such a good experience with the shroom Golden Teacher and the micro dose too. Thank you so much

Maude Ouellet

I contacted Illinois Mushroom Store after reading about the use of psilocybin for psychedelic therapy. have been dealing with depression, anxiety and OCD since childhood. I had tried different types of traditional therapy with limited success. With support of my psychiatrist and therapist I decided to taper off a high dose of SSRI antidepressants after having been on them for over 25 years. I reached out to Illinois Mushroom Store to see if psychedelic therapy would be helpful. Straightforward ordering process and made a first time buyer feel comfortable ordering.

Michael W.

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms Online illinois

Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving

Microdosing has been associated with increased creativity and enhanced problem-solving skills. It can help individuals think outside the box and find innovative solutions to challenges.

Improved Mood and Emotional Well-being

Many microdosers report a noticeable uplift in their mood and a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression. This subtle shift in emotional well-being can have a profound impact on daily life.

Heightened Focus and Productivity

Microdosing is said to boost concentration and productivity without the jittery side effects often associated with stimulants. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to excel in their professional or academic pursuits.

Plan For Your Trip

For the best possible experience, check out our resources on magic mushrooms before you dose.

 Magic Mushrooms

Learn more about magic mushrooms and their presence in human history, then browse recent studies on how they may benefit your health.

Dosing Guide

Not sure whether you want to micro, moderate, or mega dose? Learn more about the different effects of each dose.

Chocolate Bars

Our magic mushroom chocolate bars are crafted with our proprietary premium psilocybin blend. Microdose or megadose, the choice is yours!

UNLIMITED DELIVERY: With us distance is not a barrier.

SAVE UP TO 30% ON BULK ORDERS: We offer discount on bulk orders up to 30% off.

DISCRETE PACKAGING: We do ship in stealth packaging keeping your privacy in mind.



The legalization of magic mushrooms marks a major milestone in the movement towards alternative treatment acceptance by medical profesionals. Illinois Mushrooms Store is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest clinical research and news. As legalization efforts gain momentum, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new era in holistic wellness.


The pandemic was challenging for many people and rates of adults suffering from depression, anxiety and substance abuse increased significantly. Lockdown measures and social isolation put a strain on mental health. The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported microdosing magic mushrooms reduces depression and anxiety symptoms by over 40% in adults.

Microdosing involves taking small, sub-perceptual amounts of psilocybin, which provides many therapeutic benefits without any psychedelic effects. Magic mushrooms are gaining recognition worldwide and many adults are turning to microdosing for relief from mental health conditions.


Are you looking to strengthen your relationship and improve connections with others? Microdosing magic mushrooms is the most effective way to break down barriers, increase empathy and renew healthy communication.


Psilocybin reduces activity in the default mode network (DMN) in the brain, which is associated with self-referential thinking. By reducing ego, individuals feel less self-conscious and more open. Whether you’re looking to deepen your connection with a partner or simply want to restore a friendship, contact Illinois Mushrooms Store today for a free consultation on how microdosing magic mushrooms can help you.


According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 20% of veterans experience traumatic events during combat that results in flashbacks, nightmares and substance abuse. While SSRIs and benzodiazepines are commonly used to treat PTSD, prescription medications come with harmful side effects, including nausea, insomnia and dependency.


Microdosing magic mushrooms allows veterans with PTSD to manage symptoms safely and effectively. Our products are carefully crafted to ensure consistency and purity, so you feel confident in your choice to pursue psilocybin therapy. Illinois Mushrooms Store appreciates your service for our country and vets receive a minimum of 10% off any order.


The correct dosage is determined by your weight, age, metabolism, diet and many more criteria. We serve hundreds of new customers each month and receive a lot of feedback allowing us to be very good at recommending the right dose for beginners. In our experience, your weight is the best indication of dosage. Micro doses range from 150mg to 600mg, so intuitively lower amounts work for smaller people, typically women and seniors, and larger amounts for plus size adults and men. 


At Illinois Mushrooms Store we make the process of ordering and receiving microdosing products easy. That’s why we offer free shipping on all orders and same day processing. When you place an order with us, you’ll receive a tracking number so you can stay updated on the status of your shipment.


With free text alerts, you’ll receive reliable delivery so you can enjoy the benefits of natural remedies right away. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and believe fast shipping is just one way to show our appreciation for your support. 

We have written a guide for first timers and veterans alike so you can maximize the full potentials of magic mushrooms. We have years of experience experimenting and guiding new users through a magic mushroom journey to unlock their full potential.

To have the best magic mushroom trip experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip at least a couple days ahead so you can prepare yourself mentally and physically. There are certain precautions to first time users as with any new experience. As long as you are aware and going into this experience with knowledge, the likely you will have an enjoyable experience.

We have written a guide for first timers and veterans alike so you can maximize the full potentials of magic mushrooms. We have years of experience experimenting and guiding new users through a magic mushroom journey to unlock their full potential.

To have the best magic mushroom trip experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip at least a couple days ahead so you can prepare yourself mentally and physically. There are certain precautions to first time users as with any new experience. As long as you are aware and going into this experience with knowledge, the likely you will have an enjoyable experience.

We have written a guide for first timers and veterans alike so you can maximize the full potentials of magic mushrooms. We have years of experience experimenting and guiding new users through a magic mushroom journey to unlock their full potential.

To have the best magic mushroom trip experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip at least a couple days ahead so you can prepare yourself mentally and physically. There are certain precautions to first time users as with any new experience. As long as you are aware and going into this experience with knowledge, the likely you will have an enjoyable experience.

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